• Records impact events; max peaks X, Y, and Z; gRMS; and internal temperature
  • Sensors record direction, amplitude, and duration of impact force
  • Field-proven triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer technology
  • USB and iButton® data transfer options
  • Self-contained unit design, free of cables and wires
  • Programmable wake-up values for maximizing battery life
  • User-definable warning and alarm levels
  • LED lights for visual notification of alarms and warnings
  • IP67-rated, RF-screened
  • Up to 18 months of battery life
  • Option to build temperature/humidity sensor into unit, or add a temperature/pressure/humidity accessory sensor
  • Captures coordinates when event occurs at summary intervals with GPS (optional)
  • GPS allows users, through hyperlinks, to pinpoint the exact location of an event and summary with the use of Google Maps (optional)

ShockLog® 298

ShockLog® 298 monitors and records shock, vibration, and environmental conditions experienced by any type of structure or equipment, whether in use, in transit, or in storage. With the capacity to record data for 870 events and 262,000-time slots, the device alerts you whenever damage may have occurred so you can respond promptly.

Optional sensors extend the value of your ShockLog by providing more intelligence about your environmental journey:

  • Tilt and Roll includes a record of tilt and roll data.
  • GPS records GPS positioning for every event and summary interval.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) allows you to transmit and receive information to an RF Base Station module attached to your PC.

Our ShockLog 298 device is offered as stand alone or connected

298 front view

ShockLog 298

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Not connected
  • Data download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis
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ShockLog Cellular

ShockLog Cellular

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Connected via Cellular
  • Data in SpotSee Cloud and download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis
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  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Connected via Satellite
  • Data in SpotSee Cloud and download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis
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  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Transformer
  • Industrial Generator
  • Gas Turbine
  • Air Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rigs
  • Pump Systems
  • Tool Baskets
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Any Heavy Oversized Goods

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  • Break Bulk Cargo
  • Locomotives
  • Airplane
  • Components
  • Tugboats
  • Pipes
  • Tanks
  • Windmills
  • Construction Equipment
  • Manufacturing Materials
  • Over Sized Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Cranes
  • Turbines
  • Ship Propellers
  • Generators
  • Large Engines
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Environmental Machinery
  • Logistics/Transport and Storage
  • Energy and Utilities
  • HVAC
  • AeroSpace and Defense
  • Large Medical Devices
  • Mining Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Packaging/Crating
  • Scientific and Technical Instruments
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  • Operating Temperature Range -40°F to to 185°F -40°C to 85°C
  • Size 4.8in x 3.1in x 2.2in 123mm x 78mm x 55mm
  • Weight 1.1lbs 515g (without battery)
  • Battery Two (2) 3.6V lithium OR two (2) 1.5V alkaline size AA Two (2) 3.6V lithium OR two (2) 1.5V alkaline size AA
  • Scale Factor +/- 2% +/- 2%
  • Additional Error Other Ranges +/- 2% +/- 2%
  • Acceleration Range +/- 1 to +/- 200G +/- 1 to +/- 200G
  • Cut-off Frequency Options (Programmable) 10Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 250Hz 10Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 250Hz
  • Wake-up, Warning, and Alarm Threshold (% of Range) 5–95% 5–95%
  • Wake-up Time 0.25mS 0.25mS
  • External Power Source Option 4.5V min / 30V max 4.5V min / 30V max



Humidity, Pressure, Temperature Sensor

The HPT Environmental Sensor measures temperature, humidity and pressure. Data is recorded in time slots for easy analysis.



Real-time Alerts to Detect Potential Damage During Transit. 
The eTrak tracking module works with ShockLog 298 to deliver real-time event messages and prescheduled status updates, both via e-mail.


Magnetic Mount

ShockLog magnetic mounting plate kits are available for purchase. Once a ShockLog unit is attached to the mounting plate, the plate can be mounted to a metal surface.